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Be Rescue Ready


Features and Benefits

Don’t put your family in harms way.

  • Inflates in 90s

    Fast Inflation - Deflate and pack away in under 3 mins

    A lithium battery pump inflates the Rigloo in around 90s. A manual pump allows for top up.

  • Front and Rear Doors

    Two way access

    The Rigloo has two points of access with two doors with windows and an additional 4 windows on sides, so you can remain vigilant whilst waiting for rescue services.

  • Single Point Inflation

    Ease for Inflation

    Single point inflation means ease for getting the Rigloo up fast. If the weather is poor and you need to get dry and safe fast, believe us, this helps.

  • Innovative Design

    What a great idea!

    Rigloo is supported by an inflatable skeleton compromised of 3 rib sections and a connecting spine. This provides sufficient rigidity required for shelter whilst waiting on emergency assistance to arrive.

  • Compact Design

    Great things come in small packages.

    We have designed and built a reusable, inflatable refuge conveniently packed away in a small rucksack with its own battery air pump which is easily inflated within 90 seconds to provide shelter and a place to muster the family.

  • Tether Anchor and Guy Ropes

    Stay Secure

    The tether anchor and guy ropes give the Rigloo something to be secured to like a crash barrier or tree. This helps with stability in the event of high winds.

Rigloo Has Many Uses

Sports, mountain rescue, emergency event and many more.


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