Rigloo is refuge providing a visible safe place to keep warm and dry.

Built for Roadside Recovery, utilised for


We have designed and built a reusable, inflatable refuge conveniently packed away in a small rucksack with its own battery air pump which is easily inflated within 90 seconds to provide shelter and a place to muster the family.


Rigloo is supported by an inflatable skeleton compromised of 3 rib sections and a connecting spine. This provides sufficient rigidity shelter for the few hours necessary for breakdown cover/assistance to arrive.

More than 800 people are killed or seriously injured each year on hard shoulders and lay-bys.

- 26% of drivers have potentially risked their life by non-emergency use of the hard shoulder.

- Illness, toilet breaks and running out of fuel are the most common excuses.

- 7% of drivers have knowingly driven on the motorway in an unreliable or faulty car.

- 12% of UK/EU lorries found to have defects operating on British roads (DVSA).

- Almost 200,000 breakdowns on motorways in England alone last year.

Accidents Happen, just like that!